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Every Sunday there’s a free post that will be a meditation that involves the metaphysical in some capacity. This can be stuff like meditations on individual characters in folklore that have broader cultural and historical significance. This can be an extremely niche and specific dive into the material history of religious movements and how the narratives of those movements help explain cultural developments. It might be a combination of those things, or a topical look at how religion and current events intersect. Regardless, Sundays are sermon days for headier concepts.

Aside from that, I’ll occasionally do some smaller blogs during the week about something in culture that resonates, but always on theme. I’ll write about cannabis, which I know a lot about. I’ll write about it from the perspective of the drug itself, the policies, its usage, all that good shit, but also the science of the plant, the weirdness of the plant and its role in history.

If you’re here, I’m happy. I don’t promote myself in any way except for through my writing. So if you got here, it was the words that got you here, and everything else you do on this page is a bonus. Subscribe. Read. Leave. Whatever works for you.

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